Stucco Installation 

Give Your Home a Uniquely Stylish Appearance

Need help deciding which type of siding to install at your new construction home? Starting to question the way your outdated siding looks? We can help Ochoa Stucco provides professional stucco inlation services in Otero County area. Out installers only use superior stucco materials that are crack proof.
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Flexible, rubberized, weather resistant material

 Flash is a very flexible, rubberized, weather resistant material which provides an alternative to the use of weatherproofing tapes in systems requiring the use of a secondary moisture barrier. When used with fiberglass mesh reinforcement,  Flash forms a long-lasting seal around doors, windows, vents, conduits, and other penetrations of the cladding system of a building. In addition,  Flash is completely compatible with Ochoa Stop RA moisture barrier and all Ochoa Stucco adhesives. Substrates compatible with  Flash include cement board, concrete, brick and concrete masonry, exterior grade plywood and OSB, coretreated exterior gypsum sheathing, fiberglass faced exterior gypsum sheathing, galvanized metal, and aluminum.

Reinforcing fiberglass meshes

Ochoa Stucco Reinforcing Meshes are woven from high quality bundled fiberglass strands, which are coated with a protective, alkali resistant polymer. Ochoa Stucco Reinforcing Meshes are designed to add strength, impact resistance, flexibility, and crack resistance to all Exterior Insulated and Finish Systems (EIFS) and Direct Applied coating systems. Ochoa Stucco Reinforcing Meshes are made for exceptional workability and ease of use.

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